Artist Uses Bright Colors To Shine A Light On The Stories of Young Undocumented Immigrants

Pablo Stanley used his skills as an illustrator to share the stories of Dreamers from across the United States and highlight the importance of passing the Dream Act

“I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Honors College at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.” — Read Andrés full story here.

Using Twitter as an outreach tool, Pablo Stanley was able to connect with several young undocumented immigrants, often known as Dreamers, and asked them to share their stories for a project he was working on.

His goal was to launch a microsite that highlighted the stories of Dreamers while prompting readers to take action and support legislation that would protect the youths from deportation after the Trump Administration canceled a program that had granted Dreamers temporary protection deportation, a work permit, and a driver’s license since 2012.

The result of Pablos’ hard work is a website known as Dreamer Stories, which features bright and beautiful illustrations of Dreamers from across the United States, while shinning a light on their stories and what can people do to prevent them from being deported by Donald Trump’s Deportation Force.

In his own words, Pablo recounts what motivated him to launch the creative project in support of Dreamers and the Dream Act:

“It’s a collection of stories and portraits of young Americans who are recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). To put together this series, I had the honor to illustrate Dreamers’ portraits and understand more about their experiences. We hope it helps people to know more about what Dreamers are, their achievements, and the challenges they face throughout life. These are their stories.”
“The main thing my parents always pushed on me was my education. It became my passion, but the price tag almost forced me to drop out.” — Read Maria’s full story here.

You can see Pablo’s art and learn more about the risks and challenges that Dreamers face in the Donald Trump era by visiting

The two portraits featured in this blogpost are of Andrés and María — two Dreamers who are counting on Congress to pass the Dream Act so that they can continue to excel and pursue their passion in the only country they call home: the United States.

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