Immigrant Family in New York City Illustrates Complexities of the U.S. Immigration System

Photo via New York Magazine as part of their 12th Edition of Reasons to Love New York

New York Would Never Dream of Building a Wall. This is the title of a photo series that the New York Magazine published to shed light on the lives and stories of 44 immigrants, their children, and their families from across New York City.

The portfolio includes a series of photographs, displayed above, which served as covers to the magazine’s “Reasons to Love New York” December issue. From left to right you can see Kamilla, a 6-month old U.S. Citizen, her mother Montserrat Aca, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who benefits from President Obama’s 2012 DACA program, and Lourdes, mother to Montserrat and grandmother to Kamilla — also undocumented.

Montserrat told NY Magazine that DACA afforded her the opportunity to obtain a job as a cashier at a local pharmacy. Montserrat’s brother, Ricardo Aca, has also benefited from the DACA program, which has provided him the opportunity to return to college, work to help out his family, and pursue his passion for photography.

You can read more about Montserrat’s, Lourdes’, and Ricardo’s stories, and dozes of other immigrants who call New York home, via this month’s New York Magazine.

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