Santa Fe DREAMer Worries About Being Separated From Her Young Daughter

Photo via Flickr (susivinh)

The story of Cynthia Chavez, a 26 year old DREAMer from Santa Fe, New Mexico, was recently highlighted during the NPR’s Latino USA latest podcast “The New Normal.”

Cynthia’s story is one that is too familiar to undocumented immigrants all across the United States. As a DACA beneficiary, the Obama-era program that temporarily halts the deportation of certain young undocumented immigrants, Cynthia worries about the future of the program that allows her to work, drive, and stay in the United States. However, she is even more worried about what would happen to her young daughter if President Trump terminates DACA and puts Cynthia towards a path to deportation.

As reported by Latino USA:

My daughter, she is a citizen — so I’m just scared that… just thinking about it. I worry that I will get taken and my daughter might have to stay here without me… I mean my sister is going to become a citizen — and she is married. And I was wondering if it was a good idea to get one done for her.

By “get one done for her,” Cynthia is referring to a obtaining a power of attorney letter— a legal document that would grant her daughter a legal guardian should Cynthia be deported.

Like many DACA beneficiaries, Cynthia has made the Untied States her home and should not be considered a priority for deportation. Be sure to visit Latino USA to listen to the rest of Cynthia’s story and hear more amazing stories about the contributions immigrants make across the country.

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