Supporters from All Over Country Reach Out to Lara Family: “Don’t Lose Hope”

An American family was separated when Jesus Lara, an Ohio father of four U.S. Citizen children, was deported and forced to leave his family.

Last week, Jesus Lara was deported away from his four U.S. Citizen Children and his community in Ohio.

Jesus had no criminal record, had been checking in with ICE for years, and had never done anything to deserve being removed.

Prior to his deportation, Jesus’ community in Ohio and allies from all over the country showed incredible support, signing over 35,000 petitions and making hundreds of phone calls petitioning for Jesus to be allowed to stay. That community has remained, with hundreds of people donating to a GoFundMe for the Lara family and leaving incredible and heartwarming messages of sympathy. Despite Trump’s vitriol and rhetoric, the vast majority of Americans support immigrants and oppose mass deportation, and the outpouring for the Lara family has been an illustration of that.

We wanted to show you just a few of these messages, below:


I have made these calls. I am very much hoping that your Dad is allowed to stay here. Regardless of the outcome, do not lose hope. Millions of people here care about you and your family.


This is a terrible injustice and proof that the system is not working. I cannot imagine the sadness you and your family must feel over this.


It isn’t much, but I want to extend some support to you and your family. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this and I wish you all the best. No te me aguites, mijo! You and your siblings have all the potential for success and I know your family will reunite again somehow.

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